Research and Statistical Analysis


Survey Design and Management

The McKinley Group offers worldwide coverage to gather client feedback, public opinion, policy research, customer satisfaction, market intelligence, and brand awareness. We employ web, mail, telephone and in-person survey techniques. Our consultants have vast experience in designing questionnaires and conducting surveys in North America, South America, Asia, Africa, and Europe using local consultants to ensure cultural sensitivity and accurate translations.

Qualitative Research

Along with survey research, we also employ several qualitative methodologies to triangulate findings. Methods used include face-to-face interviews, focus groups, and observations.

Statistical Analysis

We offer experienced statisticians for national and global sampling, comparative analysis, and other analytic tasks. We use statistical packages like SAS and SPPS for data analysis.

Stakeholder Engagement for Planning

We work closely with clients to help them seek input from stakeholders and key constituencies to shape short-term and long-term strategies for corporations, departments, and agencies.

Data Management

We offer a full range of data-processing services using specialized programs for data entry, data file preparation, and online reporting. We work closely with clients to design data files, data entry requirements, and support tabulation and presentation.